Friday, December 15, 2017

Still Have Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Still have some people left on your Christmas list? We have a solution...
The subscription box, it's the gift that keeps on giving!  Who doesn’t love to get a little surprise in the mail each month or quarterly or however often depending on the subscription?  That’s the spirit behind the several of these services out there, and they make excellent gifts!
Over the past decade, the subscription box has become quite the thing to do.  There is a subscription box for everything, sometimes even more than one for a particular interest.  All you have to do is Google the interest you have, and then add the words “subscription box” after it.  What you’ll see are results for different companies and even reviews so you can choose a box that’s best for you, I mean them!
A few great example would be; Taste Trunk (Cooking), Winc (Wine), Glossy Box (Makeup), Bijoux Box (Jewelry), Graze (Food), Stitch Fix (Clothes), and Bean Box (Coffee).
Or…you can check out subscription market sites like CrateJoy and Hello Subscription.
There are a few different ways you can look at choosing a subscription box to add to your wish list:
  • Choose a box that focuses on something you’re interested in and know you like.
  • Choose a box that focuses on something you’re interested in and have never tried.
  • Choose a box that pushes you to try something different.
Many subscriptions give you the option of trying it for a short period of time, maybe one to three months, or purchasing for a longer period of time.  Most often for gifts, choosing one to three months may be more affordable for the gift givers in your life.
Another thought are the meal delivery services, which work very similarly to the surprise of subscription boxes.  This is a great gift idea to list on baby registries as well.  A few to check out are PlatedBlue Apron, and Hello Fresh.  There are often local meal delivery services as well that you may prefer.  With Giftster being universal and small business friendly, make sure to check them out as well and add them to your wish list.
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Article content: Aimee Hansen
Edited by: Seth Worthey

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