Monday, January 29, 2018

Restaurant Buzz!

Looking for unique? Check out The Rabbit Hole in downtown Colorado Springs!

Looking for a new spot to try? Possibly a date night at a restaurant you've never tried? Here are a few highly rated picks for you to think about. If you need a great Real Estate team we got you covered there too! The Springs Summit Group is here and ready to assist you with any transaction, so get in touch with us today! We'll make your home buying or selling process easy and efficient! Now for the food recommendations...

1) Carlos' Bistro

  • Continental
  • $50 and over
  • 5 Stars (845 reviews)
In the beginning there has been one word in Carlos’ Bistro, Beautiful. The excellence and the experience of the best in Colorado Springs. Carlos (Owner, Executive Chef, and Matradee) provides a warm and welcoming experience to all of our customers, making everyone feel special at home and relaxed.

2) Pepper Tree Restaurant

  • Steak
  • $31 to $50
  • 4.8 Stars (1308 reviews)
The Pepper Tree restaurant has been a tradition for fine dining in Colorado Springs since 1983. Serving steaks, seafood, lamb, veal and more, the Pepper Tree is legendary for impeccable cuisine, ambiance, service and breathtaking views of the city. The Pepper Tree"s signature Mango Chutney Pepper Steak and other specialties, including Chateaubriand, Steak Diane, and English Dover Sole, are prepared or finished table side.

3) Jake and Telly's Greek Taverna

  • Greek
  • $30 and under
  • 4.7 Stars (356 reviews)
In 1997, brothers Telly and Jake Topakas moved to Colorado from Philadelphia and opened Jake and Telly’s Greek Taverna, then simply known as Jake and Telly's Bar and Grill. Though at the time the brothers were relatively young, they were third generation restaurateurs and had gathered much second hand experience and knowledge from their father, uncle, and grandfather about the restaurant business.

4) The Margarita at Pine Creek  

  • Contemporary American
  • $31 to $50
  • 4.7 Stars (490 reviews)
The Margarita at Pine Creek, named for The Margarita Daisy, has been an independently-owned local restaurant for over 35 years. Known for our Comfortably Contemporary Cuisine, we feature daily changing menus emphasizing on seasonal ingredients with local products being used whenever
possible. Complementing the food, we offer a full bar with specialty margarita and martini menus, 
our Wine List features over 75 bottles of traditional and obscure varietals. The Kitchen's eclectic 
approach to cooking as well as warm service and relaxing atmosphere has earned awards from both critics and customers alike.
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

What Are You Going To Do?

Every year we have to pay taxes. It's one of those things in life that we have to do. However there is a small bright side (hopefully), and that is your TAX REFUND. But what should you do once you have that refund, that's the question to ask. Now I know it's tempting to just go on a spree and buy a new TV and Xbox, or go crazy at the mall. However, take a second and review a few of these ideas and see if any of them sound like a better use of the returned money from Uncle Sam.

1) Set It Aside As an Emergency Fund

How much you should set aside is entirely up to you (and this BankRate calculator can help you figure it out), but there's nothing like a good windfall of unassigned cash to help bolster your emergency fund against unexpected costs or problems that may come up. If you don't have an emergency fund, consider using your tax refund to start one. Here's a step by step guide to building a healthy one.
2) Take an "All Expenses Paid" Vacation
Getting your tax refund doesn't have to be all work and no play. You need time to recharge, relax, and get away from the day-to-day, right? Consider using your refund as a set budget for a little private getaway. Whether it's a trip to a place you've always wanted to visit, a cruise to a tropical getaway, or just a picnic in the park, if the money is spent on you and your well-being, it's not misspent. Just make sure to stick to your budget, and pick a destination or event that you'll really love. If you plan it right, you can essentially walk away with a free vacation without even touching your regular budget.

3) Treat Yourself to a Modest Upgrade

Slice off around $500 of that refund and treat yourself to something affordable that will also make a big impact in your day to day life, whether it's a new 1080p Apple TV, your own home-built HTPC, or a bicycle to get you out of your seat and into the fresh open air.

4) Stash It Away in a New Car Fund

The folks at Jalopnik asked their readers what car they would buy with their tax refund, and there are some great selections in the comments there. If you're not in the market for a new or used car right now, consider stashing your tax refund away as a down payment on a car you want, or even as the foundation for a fund you can use to buy your next car all-cash.

5) Invest In Your Well-Being

If you've been putting off going to the doctor or the dentist because you were worried about how much it might cost, now's the time to make that appointment. Been meaning to get to the gym but didn't want to buy a membership until you had the money? Grab one now, or head to your local sports equipment store and look at some exercise gear for your home and get in shape. Been struggling with the death of a loved one, or a relationship on the rocks? It might be time to start looking for a good therapist, regardless of whether your insurance covers mental health services.

6) Pay Yourself First

Of course, we can't let you go without suggesting you take your windfall and do something fiscally responsible with it, like putting that money to work for you. It's worth reiterating that your windfall can do a lot for you if you, especially if you use it towards your own financial security.

7) Save For a Down Payment 

I have to also add to this that using your refund towards a down payment on a new house is one of the smartest ways to invest in your safety and well being. The Springs Summit Group team is here to make sure that when you buy a home it's not just the right fit, but the perfect fit for you. So remember that for all your Real Estate needs our team is here for you!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

What's Coming Soon to Colorado Springs?

If you haven't heard this news yet then that's impressive because everyone has been talking about the In-N-Out burger coming to Colorado Springs! The details are still in the works for it but location seems to be settled, the Victory Ridge Development (Interquest and Voyager). To prove it was the real deal In-N-Out Burger Vice President of Development Carl Arena issued the following statement:
"In-N-Out Burger is excited to be in the early planning stages of its expansion to the state of Colorado. We are working on plans to build a patty production facility and distribution center in Colorado Springs to support future restaurants in Colorado. 

Colorado Springs is an ideal community for us to locate facilities to serve surrounding markets with fresh ingredients, including meat patties produced locally.
At In-N-Out, we have always been thoughtful about expansion into new markets because it is very important that we are able to maintain the high quality and service standards established by our founders almost 70 years ago. We are extremely fortunate to have a number of loyal customers in Colorado and they have been encouraging us to open locations there for some time."

This is going to be a very a very tasty opportunity for Colorado as it seems this will lead to more and more locations opening all up and down the I-25 Corridor. I don't know about everyone else but I'm incredibly excited to have this burger franchise in our own backyard.

What can you follow up that delicious burger with? How about some natural, slow-churned ice cream made using turn-of-the-century rock salt and ice freezers to slowly mix ingredients to give it the best flavor. Lindsay Keller, who co-owns Josh & John's with husband John Krakauer, said the couple was attracted to the city's fast-growing north side, where newer residential areas are teeming with rooftops and families.

"There's a need there," Keller said. "If you look at the rate of (home) construction and folks in the surrounding areas, I'm not sure where they're getting ice cream right now. When we looked at the Monument market, the Flying Horse market, the Pine Creek market, the Briargate market, it just seemed like a good place to land."
Between getting a delicious burger and some tasty ice cream it looks like the North part of the Springs is going to have some great options! It's no surprise either, as both articles said Colorado Springs is growing and it's an ideal location for expansion. There are a lot of new builds coming up and people wanting to relocate. So if you are looking to move into a new area and sell your current home contact us today! We have the knowledge of the area and the experience to make it happen! 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's On Your List This New Year?

Every time a new year starts we all get this feeling of it's time to do more, it's time to improve more, or it's time to change more, etc etc etc. But this year I think it's finally time we stop saying we will and start doing what we said. The purpose of this post is to give you information that will help make these decisions easier so that way this year you're ready to conquer and not quit! So now you need to ask the question, what am I looking to do different in 2018?

1. Start Exercising!*

This is the most common goal in a new year but definitely an important one! Your physical health is directly linked to mental health, so happy body equals a happy mind! Here are a few options to think about;

Planet Fitness
From January 1 until January 10, the enrollment fee is just $1. Then, it’s $10 per month for a standard membership or $21.99 per month for the PF Black Card membership. (The PF Black Card includes additional benefits like the ability to bring a guest for free every visit, access to all 1,400-plus locations, use of Hydro Massage beds, massage chairs, and more.)

Gold’s Gym
Starting in January, Gold’s Gym will kick off its signature 12-week body transformation contest at participating gyms across the United States. Exclusively available to members, the contest will not only help improve overall health, but participants will have a chance to win one of many cash prizes totaling $100,000.

Life Time
From January 1 to January 30, all locations will host the Commit to Fit movement for members and non-members, which includes promotions like Yoga Week, Studio Week, and Cycle Week. If you’d like to become a member, talk to them about special pricing.

24 Hour Fitness
Beginning January 2018, there's a $0 initiation fee on select all-club monthly payment memberships. (Initiation fees vary by club, but they range between $39.99-$89.99.) By becoming a member, you'll also get access to two new programs: Strong by Zumba (a 60-minute high-intensity workout) and Team USA Bootcamp (so you can train like an Olympian during the Winter Games 2018).
2. Eat Better!**
The second most common new year goal is also incredibly important for a healthy you! Here are a few great ways to make your food intake smarter and better for you. 
Reduce your sugar intake, little by little.
Cutting back on sugar is a gradual process and doesn’t happen overnight, but once you start to cut back on it, you’ll realize you don’t need as much of it as you once thought. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. One easy thing I like to do to cut is use Truvia Nectar, because it has 50 percent fewer calories than sugar. I put it in my Greek yogurt, tea, or anything else I usually put honey, sugar, or agave in.”
Add veggies to breakfast time.
“One health-protective habit I often recommend is aim to fill half of every mealtime plate or bowl with non-starchy veggies. For most people (including me!), that’s easier to do for lunch and dinner than for breakfast. So, my eating resolution this year is to include veggies in one way or another at every breakfast. I see plenty of non-traditional breakfasts in the future!”
Finally get into meal prep—seriously, it's a game changer.
“A weekly meal plan can help you eat better, save money, and time during the week. I really like this type of resolution because it is positive, no restriction, doesn’t involve dieting.”
3. Travel More!
How often do we all say, "I want to travel more" or "I want to go see this place" well this year start actually making it happen! I have two big suggestions to make this a reality; budget and plan. Every pay check take an amount (even just $50 dollars) and put it away. Then after a few months see what you have and get to planning! 
The key to planning is do it early. The earlier you book your trip the cheaper it is, and never underestimate using sites like or they truly do shop around for the best deals so you can save the most money! Another idea is use AirBnB, it can help you save a lot of money so that you can spend more on the experiences and less on the room!
4. Make a Move!
Okay I know that as a Real Estate team we naturally want to talk about Real Estate, but truly a lot of people look for a new home at the start of a new year! Whether it's because someone wants out of an apartment, or their family is expanding, or possibly a new job makes them go to a new area, there are lots of reasons that make someone want/need to move. 
The best part is the Springs Summit Group team is here to make the process the easiest, most enjoyable, and most efficient possible! No matter what kind of property you're looking to buy we have you covered, and if you're ready to sell and upgrade we have the knowledge and experience to get you top dollar!
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Things to do New Year's Eve in Colorado Springs




A Pikes Peak tradition since 1922, climbers traverse the icy slopes of Pikes Peak to provide a spectacular view for spectators in the Pikes Peak region. At the stroke of midnight, enjoy a spectacular fireworks display, which on a clear night, can be seen for hundreds of miles along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies and eastern plains.
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: Midnight
Cost: Free from your own backyard
Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring beauty of The Glen as you dance your way into 2018. Don't miss Glen Eyrie's most distinguished holiday event, full of wholesome entertainment, live music and dancing.
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: 5-10 pm
Cost: $200 per couple (plus tax & gratuity)
The Royal Gorge Route Railroad hosts their annual New Year’s Dinner Train that is sure to put you on the right track for the New Year. Enjoy their First Class Dinner menu, order your favorite drink and lose yourself in the beauty of the gorge at night. 
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $119 per person in the Dining Car, $129 per person in the Observation Dome, 
Call 719.276.4000 to make your reservations.
The Broadmoor’s legendary New Year’s Eve Gala is an elegant affair in Broadmoor Hall, featuring a gourmet four-course dinner accompanied by music from The Broadmoor Pops Orchestra, Marcus Lovett, Jill Carr and more! At midnight, welcome 2018 with champagne and a balloon drop while the band brings everyone to their feet
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: 8pm 
Location: International Center
Cost: $150 per person
A perennial top ten event of the holiday season, grab the hottest ticket in town this New Year’s Eve and usher in 2018 with Maestro Thomas Wilson as he promises favorite opera arias and Broadway hits from Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber.​
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: $24 - $68
Come ring in the new year with "A Voyage Around the World" at the Gold Room. Enjoy hors-d'oeuvres, champaigne and live entertainment. Must be 21+.
Date: December 31, 2017
Time: 8 pm
Cost: $60 - $80
Head up to high country and ring in the new year at Woodland Country Lodge. enjoy a buffet dinner, party favors and live music.  The Country Lodge is perched at the summit of Ute Pass and only 18 miles west of Colorado Springs in Teller County, Colorado.
Date: December 31, 2018
Time: 7:30pm - Midnight
Location: Woodland Park
Cost: $30
We hope you enjoy these suggested activities and please tell us your experience if you go to any of them! The New Year is a time to look ahead and see what you want to make happen, and if a new home is on your radar for 2018 contact us right away! The market is going to be hot in 2018 so let the Springs Summit Group get to work for you! Whether you're buying or Selling we have the experience and knowledge to make the transaction happen. So enjoy your New Year and remember for all your Real Estate needs Springs Summit Group is here! 
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Eve Traditions To Add This Year

Whether you have a list of traditions or not, here are a few great recommendations that you can add to your Christmas Eve celebrations this year!

1. Christmas Eve Pickle

This tradition is one that will tickle everyone. It's German in origin, though no one seems to be exactly sure how it started. Basically the pickle-shaped ornament is the last one that goes on the tree on Christmas Eve, and it's hidden deep in the branches. Whichever kid finds it first in the morning gets an extra gift from Santa.

2. Peppermint Pig

Believing that pigs were good luck, the Victorians started this tradition. To make it your own, order a peppermint pig, then smash it after dinner. Share the candy around the table, and it's good luck for the rest of the year.

3. Pajama Elves

Christmas is a great time for cozy new pajamas, especially because the elves can deliver them on Christmas Eve. There's even a book, The Pajama Elves by Hayden Edwards, that tells the tale of elves bringing magic pajamas that you can incorporate as well.

4. Caroling

Gather a group, and go singing through your neighborhood, at a local nursing home or at a hospital. You will spread holiday cheer and tire out little ones who are amped up on sugar cookies and dreams.

5. Takeout

With all the hustle and bustle and preparation for the big day, sometimes ordering takeout or pizza from a favorite restaurant is a great way to take a little break and just enjoy some good food. Turn on your favorite holiday movie, and snuggle up.

6. Christmas Key

Don't have a chimney? No worries, just leave Santa a magic Christmas key. Hang it outside on Christmas Eve, and he's sure to have no problem at all getting in and leaving gifts.

7. Reindeer Food

While cookies and milk are good for Santa, don't forget his trusty sleigh mates. Sprinkling this mix of oats, birdseed and sparkly sugar crystals will dazzle your kids and make the birds happy in the morning too.

8. Track Santa

The NORAD Santa Tracker lets kids (and adults) track the Big Guy via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other means. Volunteers answer calls and emails from around the world to keep everyone informed just where in the world Santa is on the big night.

Do you have any special Christmas Eve traditions? We'd love to hear about them so please comment and let us know! And if you have any Real Estate needs this holiday season (or any time throughout the year) please feel free to contact us. We're here to make your Real Estate transactions smooth, and set your mind at ease. The Springs Summit Group has the knowledge and skill so let us put it to work for you!

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Still Have Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Still have some people left on your Christmas list? We have a solution...
The subscription box, it's the gift that keeps on giving!  Who doesn’t love to get a little surprise in the mail each month or quarterly or however often depending on the subscription?  That’s the spirit behind the several of these services out there, and they make excellent gifts!
Over the past decade, the subscription box has become quite the thing to do.  There is a subscription box for everything, sometimes even more than one for a particular interest.  All you have to do is Google the interest you have, and then add the words “subscription box” after it.  What you’ll see are results for different companies and even reviews so you can choose a box that’s best for you, I mean them!
A few great example would be; Taste Trunk (Cooking), Winc (Wine), Glossy Box (Makeup), Bijoux Box (Jewelry), Graze (Food), Stitch Fix (Clothes), and Bean Box (Coffee).
Or…you can check out subscription market sites like CrateJoy and Hello Subscription.
There are a few different ways you can look at choosing a subscription box to add to your wish list:
  • Choose a box that focuses on something you’re interested in and know you like.
  • Choose a box that focuses on something you’re interested in and have never tried.
  • Choose a box that pushes you to try something different.
Many subscriptions give you the option of trying it for a short period of time, maybe one to three months, or purchasing for a longer period of time.  Most often for gifts, choosing one to three months may be more affordable for the gift givers in your life.
Another thought are the meal delivery services, which work very similarly to the surprise of subscription boxes.  This is a great gift idea to list on baby registries as well.  A few to check out are PlatedBlue Apron, and Hello Fresh.  There are often local meal delivery services as well that you may prefer.  With Giftster being universal and small business friendly, make sure to check them out as well and add them to your wish list.
While shopping for Christmas crates this holiday season if you're looking to buys sell, or invest in Real Estate subscribe to the Springs Summit Group. We don't send you boxes every month but we do make sure your real estate transactions are as smooth, and effortless as possible. Contact us anytime, we're here for you!
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